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Title: Break Free Artist: Ariana Grande feat. Zedd 16,080 plays


Break Free - Ariana Grande feat. Zedd

Title: Walk Away (Remember Me) feat. The DEY Artist: Paula DeAnda 5,959 plays

Thrrrrowback but this song.

Title: Change My Mind Artist: One Direction 1,827 plays


Change My Mind - One Direction 

"Never felt this way before, Are we friends or are we more?" 

Every man or woman is the right one if he or she wants and chooses to be the right one or if one chooses him or her to be the one. It’s a choice; love is a choice. To make the relationship work, both have to choose to stay and to never ignore the love.

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You weren’t in love with me. And I wish I knew it then.
No…I wish I didn’t deny it then.
You always listed my traits like some kind of pros and cons list,
Like you had to convince yourself the reasons to stay.
You loved me conditionally;
When you wanted it, when you felt like it.
You loved me as if it were synonymous to doing the laundry;
Wear me and use me and only awash me with love when you felt that I was too dirty from sitting on your bedroom floor.
I was a chore to you.

But you were my afternoon nap, the candy that I had the sweetest tooth for.
You were my comforter and the pillow I laid my weary head.
You were my home.
You have to understand that I didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t evict you.
You were my home,
But I had to leave.
I had to leave because I was not your home.
I was your apartment, and I was temporarily for rent.

a.h. “Evicted” (via ahbleedingheart)